Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was a beautiful way to close our experience in India. The love story, the infrastructure, and the nature surrounding it reminded me of India as a whole. The story reminded me that everyone has a beginning. Every individual and organization that we came into contact with started somewhere. It could have been good, or bad. Regardless, I feel like everything is united by the struggles that we’ve faced at some point in time. The building and the intricate architecture reminded me that through creation and innovation, something new and helpful can begin, just like all of the NGOs that we came into contact with. RIWATCH, the Angelo Women’s Empowerment Group, Rahi, and so much more were like that. The nature surrounding it reminded me of new life and the generation to come in India. As a whole this country is thriving. There is poverty and a variety of social issues, but it is advancing. And, with the new generation to come, it can only grow more. It has so been great to see all of things in action first hand, and with that, I hope to become a better social worker.


I was thoroughly impressed with “The Taj.” We got there before anyone else, and was able to experience the outside view against the backdrop of the sunrise, which was really awesome! I really enjoyed the pictures with the Taj Mahal in the background. In some ways, my experience was unbelievable. During our journey I’ve experienced so many things that I thought could never be topped, and as always, today’s experience was no exception. Although I’d heard of the Taj Mahal, I never understood the story behind it. After doing some research and listening to our guide, I was amazed that a person’s love for another could be so strong, so as to inspire a magnificent monument like this. That is true love! So now my goal is to learn to love my wife even stronger than I already do, and to never to her for granted. Thank God for this once in a life time opportunity! Study Abroad rocks!



I was amazed about the grandeur of that place! Magnificent building symbolizing eternal love.  I was impressed about the beauty and the Persian and Indian architecture and the minimal details that entailed the 22-year construction. It took thousands of workers and tons and tons of marble and endless semi-precious stones from different parts of world to finish the one of the most amazing construction in the world. For me was an amazing experience, as the whole trip has been, but the love story behind one of the 7 wonders of the world was absolutely the highlight of this trip. The visit to Taj Mahal was a great way to end our study abroad. I’m feeling so grateful for this whole experience as will change my live forever! Namaste!



Walking through the Taj Mahal barefoot and feeling the marble beneath my feet was a surreal experience. I had heard the great love story that sparked the building of the mausoleum that is the Taj Mahal but being able to see it is a completely different story. When you are actually within the mausoleum and able to see the intricate carvings within the marble and the time and energy that must have gone into each square foot of the building gave a new respect to the history behind the place. Even after leaving the mausoleum and relaxing in front of the building viewing the garden was an experience. Feeling the breeze and taking in the peaceful of the scenery warranted the awe-inspiring respectful tones and manners found throughout the mausoleum and its grounds. This will forever be an experience imprinted on my brain and something I will look back on fondly.

~Leah ~


Going to the Taj Mahal today was such an amazing experience. The Taj itself was breathtaking and just so beautiful. Hearing the story behind the Taj Mahal made the Taj even more beautiful. The tour guide articulated the history behind it very well. When going towards the Taj Mahal it was very invigorating and surreal almost. Taking pictures from the sunset almost made the Taj look like it was a painting. When inside and stepping on the marble really made me feel like I was stepping back in history. It was such an amazing experience and I’m so thankful I was able to experience seeing one of the seven wonders of the world.




Being able to go to the Taj Mahal today was such an amazing experience. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and it had such a serene quality to it. Being able to walk on the marble floor in the mausoleum was very surreal. However, it really saddened me to see all of the trash that surrounded the site because this place is not just one of the 7 Wonders of the World, but it is a grave site- two people were buried there. It should not have been disrespected with trash. However, I later learned that it was not typically treated this way and was only like this due to the union workers going on strike. This made me feel slightly better. Overall, being at the Taj Mahal, and hearing the story behind it, was an experience I will never forget. It truly is a wonder of the world.


Indescribable. The detail, the beauty, the love. The Taj Mahal is the only building in the world I would wake up at 4am for. It is unbelievable it took over 22 years to complete and I enjoyed learning the fascinating history behind the mausoleum. The feeling of cold marble under your feet and the intricate detail of the artisan gemstones delicately placed is unforgettable. I will remember visiting this picturesque Buddhist palace for the rest of my life.


The last destination on our trip through India was the Taj Mahal. It is a once in a lifetime experience to enter into a place built out of love. One man built the Taj Mahal as a tomb in honor and memory of his wife. The same man had about 500 concubines and several wives, but I have no doubt that love was present. Taj Mahal is one of the few landmarks in the world on the UNESCO world heritage list and I feel honored and blessed to have visited, especially wearing a saree in the color of love. To me, love really is what the Taj Mahal represents and as I sat down viewing the building I just imagined what kind of powerful feelings must have been moving for someone to build this mausoleum to honor just one other person, it must have been true love.


A trip to India is not complete unless you see the Taj Mahal.  The monument is impressive on its own, without knowing much about how it is built.  After learning what kind of work goes into inlaying marble, I have an even greater appreciation for this architectural marvel.  It is definitely the most beautiful mausoleum I have ever seen.  Personally, I appreciated the chance to explore the Taj before thousands of other tourists arrived.  The perks of getting up at 4 in the morning.  There are so few opportunities to experience places like this without the hustle and bustle of what seems like millions of tourists all clicking away with their cameras.  I’m glad that we got to be those tourists taking a bunch of pictures.  Cross this off the bucket list.  But, I’m also glad I could just wander around and truly experience the Taj Mahal without all that tourist craziness.







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